“Peter’s book brings a much needed blend of theory and practice to the analysis of real estate finance and investment. Too often this field is presented as little more than algebra, with students assembling rows and columns of numbers, but having no idea what they mean.”

-Samuel Zell
Chairman of Equity Office Properties and Equity Residential Properties
Chairman of Equity Investment Group


  "Linneman's new text provides the best investment analysis of real estate that I have seen. The book is comprehensive, clearly written, and the examples are both relevant and well presented. For students, professors, and young professionals desiring a thorough grounding in real estate finance and investment analysis, this text will provide a compelling and satisfying answer."

-Dr. Joe Gyourko
Martin Bucksbaum Professor of Real Estate and Finance
The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania


    “This book offers students a rare glimpse into the tools and decision making of real estate finance. Its straightforward exposition allows one to grasp the challenges facing real estate investors, and provides them with an excellent foundation upon which to build their careers. This book will be required reading for new real estate professionals for many years to come.”

-Dean Adler
Principal, Lubert-Adler Real Estate Funds
“As a real estate practitioner and academic, I have found Dr. Linneman’s textbook to be the best one for real estate finance and investments.  He successfully synthesizes theoretical perspectives with the practical world in a succinct manner.  The book covers commercial real estate from both a micro and macro view, including a robust analysis of real estate cycles and the Great Recession.  The book is the most prominent real estate finance and investments textbook in the marketplace today and is currently used by several industry employers.”

-Mark K. Bhasin
Basis Investment Group
Adjunct Professor, New York University, Stern School of Business
“I am currently teaching an MBA class called Real Estate Investment. The class I have developed steps the students through the acquisition process. I find the book well written and easy to follow. I have also gotten good feedback from the students. The book has served as an excellent resource to give them the background necessary to complete the assignments.”
-Robert Rice
Professor, Concordia University
“I started using Peter Linneman’s text with his first edition. The text has proven itself with helping me teach the basics of real estate investment. In fact, I had an outside professional speak to the class who exclaimed that the text was given to all of his agents. He said that it was definitely used in the market, and that it prepares students well for a career in real estate.”

-Sarah K. Bryant, Ph.D. 
Professor of Finance, Shippensburg University of PA
“Peter Linneman’s book offers a great blend of theoretical concepts and practical applications. I particularly enjoy the way important concepts are emphasized with examples and empirical findings. The book makes it easy for me to explain how I believe the world should work, and how it actually does. It also offers way to analyze and explain any differences, all with flawless presentation and clear and concise writing.”

-Andrey Pavlov
Professor of Finance, Beedie School of Business

"Linneman’s text stimulates real analysis, as opposed to just number-crunching. It takes students above and beyond the mechanics of entering data into a spreadsheet and challenges them to think logically and economically about the unique aspects of the commercial real estate market. The combination of the text, the supplemental material and the pre-requisite sections provides a complete package for students at all levels."
-Andrea J. Heuson
Professor of Finance
University of Miami
"Dr. Linneman's book covers commercial real estate from both a macro and micro view. It informs the real estate decision from basic property level modeling, due diligence, and market analysis, through the complexities of finance and the capital markets… I tell my students to keep the book for future reference long after they have finished the class. My students are very complimentary of Dr. Linneman's writing style and the breadth of topics.”
-Jerome Sanzo
Adjunct Professor
Shack Institute of Real Estate
New York University

“I’ve now had an opportunity to use Peter’s textbook for teaching graduate level courses in Real Estate Private Equity and Real Estate Structured Finance. In both cases, the book served as an excellent primer on general real estate concepts, in addition to providing in depth analysis of such topics as asset valuation, deal structuring and real estate capital market considerations. The supplemental articles provided great context for discussing the lessons of class, giving the students a much more complete perspective on our industry and its unique challenges.”
-Thomas Burton
Alex. Brown Realty, Inc.
Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland
“Peter Linneman presents the material in a clear manner, minimizing the use of jargon.  The book becomes easy to read and apply, whether among practitioners or advanced graduate students.”

-Peter Chinloy 
Kogod School of Business
American University
"The Linneman book takes a common sense approach and is an ideal tool for the student interested in building a career in real estate investment and finance".

-Richard Powers

Yale College
“Our industry is dynamic, rapidly changing and in need of sound fundamental instruction. Dr. Linneman understands and articulates how sound real estate theory and application collide to make us profitable professionals. His text provides the “must know”, tremendous insight into the “should know” and the occasional “glad I know now”. A must use (and apply) for any real estate professional.”
-Daniel Thomas
Partner, St. John Properties, Inc.
Adjunct Professor, University of Baltimore

“Finally, a real estate book that I can feel good about assigning. Peter’s book is clear and to the point, allowing students to grasp the fundamentals. At the same time, the book conveys the subtleties of real estate analysis which are rarely covered. The book covers all of the major topics, and should quickly establish itself as the dominant book in the field.”

-Dr. Kenneth T. Rosen
California State Professor of Real Estate and Urban Economics
Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley
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